We always try to get some serious romantic photographs during our engagement sessions. However, Julia & Randy were practically unable to keep straight faces during our entire Charlevoix engagement session together. One of them would start laughing uncontrollably and we'd lose all control. I never stopped shooting and that is what you see here. Two people, who are simply perfect for each other laughing. They live life on their terms and do not fear judgement. They are both well respected and loved by their friends and families. Together they amount to something greater than they were before.

When Julia & Randy asked me to make the long trek to Charlevoix for their winter engagement session, I was on board! Winter in Northern Michigan is breathtaking and something a lot of us never have the opportunity to experience. We typically save those trips for the summer. Julia spent her summers growing up in Charlevoix, and now that they are together so does Randy. It was the perfect idea and I'm so pleased with the results. They even had an impromptu snowy wrestling match, which was of course incredible.

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