All your questions answered in one place

Through the years we have been asked a ton of questions about photography, weddings, and anything you can imagine. We have collected some of the more common questions we are often asked to help you.

Q. Will you photograph my destination wedding and how does that work?

We LOVE to travel, and destination weddings are always exciting and new. We have photographed weddings in Colorado, Washington D.C., Jamaica, and all over Nothern Michigan.

We charge very little for travel and expenses so we are often more practical than those expensive resort photographers. Stereotypically, with a resort assigned photographer you do not get the opportunity to build a relationship or even speak with your assigned photographer before your event. Your experience with us will be very different from that of a resort photographer. Contact us and let's talk about your wedding and we can certainly work something out that works for all of us.

Q. I love your work! Will you photograph my baby shower, first communion, family reunion, etc?

We are experienced wedding photographers, and while that often translates well to other genres....it doesn't always work perfectly. We are happy to discuss your photography needs with you and refer you to a skilled professional who specializes in what you are looking for if we do not feel comfortable taking the job.

We do love to photograph Families, High School Seniors, Maternity shoots, and Engagement Sessions if our wedding schedule allows for it.

Q. What kind of equipment do you use?

Our special sauce comes from our beloved professional grade Canon camera bodies with a mix of prime and zoom L grade lenses and off camera flash equipment. We edit on Macbooks using Photoshop and Lightroom.

Q. Why should we choose you?

We foster a strong relationship to best portray you and your unique personality through images with our wedding photography. We treat our clients with dignity and respect. When we finish editing, you will still look like you. Heather is proficient in the use of (ASL) American Sign Language. We are a Deaf and Hard of Hearing / disabilities friendly business. We are more than obliged to make any accommodations necessary to ensure the success, comfort, and happiness of all clients. To learn more about who we are read our About Us page.

Q. I know someone getting married, how do I refer them to you?

You can do this by giving them our website address (www.vandesteenephoto.com) or have them email us at vandesteenephoto@gmail.com. Please be sure they mention you and provide your contact information. Because referrals are so important to helping our business grow we offer a thank you gift for each referral that books us for their wedding.

Q. What is your approach to wedding photography / What is your Style?

We approach weddings from a personal angle. We intend to show the laughter, tears, and comfort you find in each other. We will prompt you when needed, but for the most part we allow you to naturally interact with each other during our sessions. Our images are not overly posed or edited. We love the look of natural outdoor light, and photograph our clients outside whenever possible.

Q. How many images will I receive?

We typically deliver between 600 and 2000 images depending on the package you elect.

Q. We are really nervous or uncomfortable. We’ve never had professional pictures before, what should we do?

We realize that most of our clients have never worked with a professional photographer during their adult life. It is our job to help you feel comfortable, laugh, and snuggle with each other. We pride ourselves on making our sessions fun and think we do a great job. Just take a look at our testimonials page to see what our clients say after a session or wedding with us.

Q. I found a trendy photo online / Pinterst, will you reproduce it for us and Photoshop a huge dinosaur in?

Ummm....no. While we would love to see examples of the images and style you find appealing, we want your images to be special to you and your wedding. If our style isn't what blows your hair back, we can try to help you find you someone who does that for you. We'd like to think that our work and your wedding are special and unique. We work to tell the story of what happened on your wedding day and about the love you share. So unless you are marrying a T-Rex, let's leave prehistoric life to the Paleontologists and focus on you two beautiful souls. *winks*

Q. Your packages are outside of the budget we had in mind, will you work with us?

We feel that everyone should have the best wedding photography possible. We will gladly discuss your budget and do our best to work within that budget whenever we can. If we cannot find a price that makes us both comfortable, we will help you to find a photographer we trust that can work within your budget.

Q. We are ready to book you, how does this work?

That is great news! We would love to have you as our client. If we haven’t already discussed our availability, let’s start there. If we are available on your future wedding date, we will then meet to consult with you on what package best fits your needs. After you have selected a package, we both sign a contract and then with a retainer we lock in your wedding date in ink!

Easy Peasy!

Q. Do you know of other wedding vendors you could recommend? (Florists, DJ's, Videographers, Coordinators, Caterers, Venues, etc)

Absolutely, we have worked with many fantastic vendors through the years and keep an all-star list of our absolute favorites. We'd be happy to share that with you for a few reasons. First, it helps you plan your wedding and what a great resource that is to our clients! Second, we only recommend vendors we have worked with before who have a client-first mindset. They will work with us to make sure you have the best wedding day and wedding photography possible.

Q. Will you work with Same-Sex Couples?

As of 6/26/2013 the federal government recognizes that DOMA was unconstitutional and so do we. All politics aside, we feel that all people should have equal access to happiness and to openly publicly dedicate themselves to who they love in the form of a wedding. Long story short, we would be honored to work with you and your partner. We have photographed both male and female same-sex weddings and they were some of our favorite experiences.